Monday, March 22, 2010

A Bacon-y Colcannon

When reading Tyler Florence's interpretation of his aforeposted video on how to make colcannon, I decided to try and make it myself, using steamed potatoes, cabbage, scallions, "bacon," milk and butter. Lots of butter. That was the plan last week, but again, stuff happens. I tried to follow the video (and the recipe more or less follows it), but I had one or two changes:

  • I halved the recipe at least.
  • The recipe calls for a one pound piece of ham or bacon. All I had was Gwaltney bacon. I fried up five pieces in butter (isn't your left arm hurting now?), and threw in a chopped up shallot. About 4 1/2 pieces wound up in the colcannon. This is not what the recipe calls for, but I like this bacon-infused colcannon nonetheless.
  • I tried to steam the potatoes, but with no steamer pot I was left with either a bamboo steamer - into which my potatoes would not fit - or a colander over boiling water - which did not work to well. I still had to nuke the potatoes in their jackets for a few minutes to get them to a mashable consistency.
  • I put in a little cream in place of the milk.

In the end, I ended up with something that my ancestors probably would have been too poor to make, but is fairly typical Irish cuisine today. Only with bacon as Americans know it.