Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Excuses, Excuses

I've seen so many of my fellow foodies hunerking and bunkering down in the midst of the SNOWPOCALYPSE OF 2010, baking and cooking furiously. Even my sister has done so, telling me about this luscious pumpkin bread she made the other day (I would've gone to her house but I really can't get down the street).

I myself have not baked anything. It seems like a lame excuse, but I'm not in the comfort of my own place. I'm in my parents' house, wondering when I will ever see the insides of my apartment again. My landlord tells me that my street has not seen a plow at all (we're not even a secondary road - more like a tertiary or even a quaternary one). All my thoughts are on my wok, my bamboo steamer, my bread maker and my pasta maker (which I would've been using profusely by now). I have scary thoughts that the contents of my fridge will start looking like an episode of Life After People. I'd much rather bake in the comfort of my own kitchen. God love 'em, but my parents' kitchen is not the most organized room in the house. This explains where I get it from.

An even worse excuse, however, is that I've been getting used to having cable again, since all I have at home is super-limited basic cable. Among that, re-loading all the data on my recently fixed laptop*, digging out the walk and editing Power Point presentations that wait patiently to be presented to college students (all classes canceled so far, not that I could even make it there anyway), I really haven't gotten around to baking anything. Hopefully I will at some point. At the rate things are going, Maryland will be buried under ten feet of snow so I may be stuck here for a very, very long time.

* And please don't listen to all those consumer advocates who tell people that buying the extended warranty is the biggest mistake you can make. The ones I bought for my laptop and my GPS have helped me immensely. Otherwise I'd have to have put out another $500 for another laptop or $200 for another GPS. They've saved me a lot of aggravation. Also, please don't ever buy a Dell laptop for yourself. They're unreliable. I should know.