Sunday, January 03, 2010

Quick Microwave Ghee

I was just making dinner - an East African spinach and coconut milk dish (there's a hint for my next Food Ethnography destination), and it called for a little ghee. That wonderful, nutty clarified butter is not always cheap in the stores (though really, how often will you use it). But thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you can now make ghee as you need it in the comfort of your own kitchen!

Well duh, you could always do that. But it's so much easier in the microwave.

This recipe comes directly from Julie Sahni's Moghul Microwave, which I use eagerly and often. For this recipe, which yields 1/3 cup of ghee, all I needed was a Corningware dish with a lid and one stick of unsalted butter (don't use the salted stuff - please). Just take that stick of butter, slice it up into pats and throw it in the Corningware dish. Microwave it, uncovered, for one minute (assuming a 1000W microwave), and then covered - oh, sweet Jesus, make sure it's covered!!! - for five minutes. For about three or four minutes, it will sputter madly. That is why you need it covered, and why you CANNOT remove the lid. The sputtering is the burning off of the milk solids, which will be the brown bits in the ghee. The liquid left behind is the ghee itself.

When it's done, and not sputtering, take it out, strain it into a small container with some cheesecloth over top it, and that 's it! Easy, pain-free ghee in less than ten minutes. Unless you forgot to leave the lid on, then you probably can't say it's pain free.


theminx said...

I bought Moghul Microwave when it first came out and although I read through it, I don't think I've picked it up since. Great ghee tip though, so maybe I should see what other goodies are in there....

Jim said...

Ghee in the microwave. Deary me. I have watched Julia and Julia and decided that I should make stock this weekend. I will not use the micobeast.



Anonymous said...

Re: Microwave Ghee recipe

I tried it, and it worked great! I did have to give it 10 minutes at full power with the lid on in my oven to get it past the sputtering phase, and I strained it with a paper coffee filter instead of cheesecloth, but it's nicely amber toned and nutty tasting. Yum!

Thanx for sharing this! I must look for that Moghul Microwave cookbook...


oceras said...

Microwave Ghee

I had tried microwave ghee successfully before. I tried it again with your technique and used Anonymous' paper filter idea. It worked great.
I started with two sticks of frozen butter which I put in a glass bowl and zapped for a couple of minutes to melt it. Then I covered it and zapped it for seven minutes, checking often to make sure the solids didn't turn black. I think the secret, given different microwaves, is to monitor it closely.


Carolyn said...

This worked brilliantly! After burning my first attempt on the stovetop, I found your instructions and voila! It worked AMAZINGLY WELL!! Thank you!! Woo!!!!!!