Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Mo's Bacon Bar: Milk vs Dark

One of the happiest days in my culinary life was the day I first realized that bacon could be used in a dessert context. This was when I walked out of Ma Petite Shoe with the legendary Mo's Bacon Bar from Vosges Chocolate. The smooth chocolatiness surrounding sweet and salty bits of crunchy applewood bacon were more than enough to send me over the edge. Wow.

Recently I found out that Vosges has started putting out a dark chocolate version of their famous Mo's Bacon Bar. I was ecstatic, because I much prefer the slightly bitter, more intense chocolate flavor of dark chocolate to the smooth yet slightly tamed down flavor of milk chocolate. The bar is lovely, but here's thing: although I prefer dark to milk, I prefer the milk chocolate bacon bar to the dark chocolate one.

I had to think about why this is the case.

It eventually dawned on me that the things that make me like dark chocolate don't work when you throw the sweet and salty intensity of bacon into the mix. In this case, the dark chocolate and bacon are fighting for your attention. In contrast, the milk chocolate bacon bar really lets the bacon shine. The milk chocolate isn't so much in the back seat as it is in the passenger seat - but the bacon is clearly the one driving. With the dark chocolate bacon bar, the dark chocolate is constantly fighting with the bacon to control the wheel. It works, but not as well as when there's just one driver.

So do try Mo's Dark Bacon Bar from Vosges, but I'm still sticking with the milk chocolate original.


Jane said...

i saw this in the whole foods off falls road. i couldnt bring myself to get it though.

tiny home said...

I have heard that bacon can be a nice dessert. I have seen it in a cooking show and it looks delicious.

Alicia Mergo said...

I would surely try one of those! I'm a huge fan of eating (but I'm not so great cooker myself). Good that my honeybunny is cooking so great things for me!

jmc said...

I tried one of these a couple of months ago. The salty sweet was good.

Saw a recipe online for candied bacon that I really want to try now. Probably wouldn't have considered it before trying Mo's Bacon Bar.