Friday, December 11, 2009

Because it's Hanukkah

This shows just how little I have been paying attention these days, while my own life has been falling apart. I had no idea that the Food Network not only recently put out an instructional video (filmed nine years ago) on how to make a brisket, but that they came to Bawlmer to do so. Put that in your brisket, New York City and South Florida! Awww yeah, Baltimore's representin' in the brisket hooooouse...

Ketchup? Is that normal? I shouldn't be so surprised to see ketchup, I guess. Or should I? Italian-Irish Catholic boy here has no Hanukkah food background, so I'm honestly asking: is Heinz a normal part of the home cook's brisket recipe? Stories anyone?


diningdish said...

Mr brisket is better but then I do more to it. Mushrooms, wine, herbs, tomato, pesto - anything I think will taste good goes in it.

Happy Hanukkah everyone