Wednesday, September 23, 2009

BBF '09!

Yet another Baltimore Book Festival is upon us! No, there wil be no visits from food bloggers this time (not that I know of), though Adam Roberts' trip down here for a rain-soaked Book Fest last year resulted in my having to dry out the book of his that he signed with a hair dryer (let me rephrase: I dried it with a hair dryer. He didn't sign it with one). One year later, however, there are certainly other foodie authors making there way to Mount Vernon. That includes fellow blogger Dara Bunjon, who will be interpreting her favorite Julia Child recipe with other foodie authors, including Abacrombie Fine Food chef/recent Top Chef eliminee Jesse Sandlin.

It would be too exhausting to list all the folks at the Food for Thought Stage. Just go to the BBF website for a complete list.

Maybe I should write something sometime. People have told me that Beltway Snacking series should be in book form. Hmmm...


jmc said...

Paula Deen is going to be at the National Book Festival this weekend. I'm so tempted to go to both festivals.

John said...

It figures they're happening the same weekend. But I'd sooner go to ours.

diningdish said...

The National Book Festival is usually in competition with ours. John, thank you for the mention for the Julia Child salute...I think we actually had about 20 people in the audience.

I love reading what you write. Congrats on the Mobbie nomination. I just might be who has the strongest campaign and not the best.

your fan,

Dara "Dining Dish"