Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Random Notes...

1. I now agree with pretty much everyone I've talked to: Chopped is stupid.

2. I made those brownies I shipped back from California - the ones I bought from the wonderful Fresh & Easy. It's a better-tasting mix than the regular ones. Didn't have anything partially hydrogenated or high fructose-y.

3. Now that's I've had cream top milk, I don't think I can ever go back to the stuff in the plastic jug. Thank you, South Mountain Creamery.

4. Had two job interviews in a row this morning in Harford County (and a headache now, here). Stopped by Venetian Palace in Edgewood - I visited it when I stopped by Exit 33B for the Beltway Snacking series. Got the same thing - a fried oyster sandwich. The fries were just as savory and tasty. The oysters weren't as good after sitting for half an hour in the car.

5. My sister's father-in-law went a-crabbin' today. Got lots! Three of them are in mah BELL-LEH!

6. It never ceases to amaze me or my friends just how much food you can get at Jong Kak for so little money. Oh, duh, and I forgot to take those vegetables when I was visiting them before we went out to dinner (sorry, guys)!

7.. Now that my DirecTV is working, I may go ahead and re-upgrade it so I can watch Top Chef: Vegas, and Project Runway: Lifetime. Very excited about Runway. Not as much about Chef. No live blogging (as of yet anyway) but I may write some haiku about it later. Check out Minx's All Top Chef blog for more Top Chef goofiness.


strawberriesinparis said...

random notes are cute john. I agree 100% with #1 and yay for #5. And boy are my weeknights more exciting cause of #7!