Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sandra Lee Round 2

More seizure-inducing, cocktail-timing fun from Ms. Sandra Lee, again courtesy of YouTube user Kuranuk. I know I'm picking on her today. I should feel bad. So why does it feel so right?

Oh yeah, that's why it feels so right. This was also featured on G4's Attack of the Show earlier this month. See, those people have taste.


Anonymous said...

HISS! I actually like Sandra Lee and her shows. Be nice, for once. ;) I bet you are the type who loves Ina Garten. YAWNS!

John said...

Durn right I am. Sandy scares me AAAAAAAH :)

On the other hand, I DO give her credit for her involvement in Share Our Strength. I can't forgive the Kwanzaa Cake or that "meatloaf" but I definitely give her kudos for the SOS involvement.