Saturday, July 11, 2009

Next time you park in a parking garage...

...check to see if they still charge the same rates. The company that operates Penn Station's parking garage charged $12 a day the last time I parked there, about a year and a half ago. Today?

$20 per day!!!?!!!?!!

Because everyone knows how much more expensive it is to let people park cars on your property now. >:{

In fairness, I should have done the research - not just to see how much they charge these days, ut to find out what other places would have let me park there instead. Another stupid, expensive lesson.


Anonymous said...

The company operating the parking at Penn Station doesn't "charge" the rates. The City of Baltimore through the oversite and management input of the Parking Authority of Baltimore City determines the rate to be charged. The parking company at Penn Station, Landmark Parking I believe, just collects what they are told to by Baltimore City government.