Thursday, July 23, 2009

Because Italian and English soccer teams are coming to town tomorrow

Apparently, tomorrow's World Football Challenge match at M&T Bank Stadium between two of Europe's biggest soccer teams - Chelsea FC (of London) and AC Milan (of Milan, of course) - is sold out. Since it's sold out, I won't be going. But I did at least make some sausage and peppers tonight, to celebrate the Italian half of the game. I don't have anything English right now, so I'm drinking a very Irish Guinness. That makes no sense until you realize how popular Guinness is in most English pubs.

To zhuzh up the sausage and peppers, I fried a little garlic, then an onion, followed by a flame-roasted bell pepper, some chopped up scallion, some minced olives and, finally, a sliced sausage. Next to it on the plate is last night's zucchini-mint-and-garlic capellini. Interesting contrasts there, and it actually goes well with the Guinness.