Friday, June 19, 2009

Young & Hungry in the D of C

I was half-listening to WAMU's Metro Connection today, until this segment came on showcasing Washington City Paper's 50 Best Restaurants feature this week. As the WCP's Tim Carman noted, this list is a little different than others because they dispense with the usual suspects - the Citronelles and what not - because everybody already knows that they're worth eating at. This list focuses on the less well-known ones. Present, a Falls Church Vietnamese place (one of five Vietnamese places on the list, and not all of them are phở houses) sounds like it is particularly worth going to. Apparently, they make up nine different types of fish sauce. Nine.


awb said...

Is there a good Korean or Vietnamese place on the east side of town? How about a bad one? I've read all the places you've talked about, but they are all westy places, just my luck!

John said...

I can't vouch for the ones in DC. As for the ones here: I don't know if there are any good or bad on the east side. Someone else might have some help on that though.

awb said...

Now I have a quest, thanks.