Thursday, June 04, 2009

Did the beer and wine make it?

Just an update on how well the 10 bottles of Fat Tire Beer and the two bottles of wine from Joseph Filippi Winery that I sent home yesterday in my checked luggage: everything made it fine! One advisory, though: A bottle of wine is supposed to be wrapped in bubble wrap if you send it in your checked luggage. Southwest almost charged me $5 per wine bottle for the trouble (no need for the beer, since the taped-up box was secure enough to keep beer from broken bottles from leaking everywhere). But the counter people decided that my bottle-inside-towel-inside-plastic-bag was probably secure enough that nothing further was needed.


Noclegi Kotlina Klodzka said...

Woah, didn't expect them to actualy tell you how exactly you're supposed to wrap the bottles. I wonder who thought of that.

Steven Brady said...

Awesome. Glad everything made it through without issue.

theminx said...

Several years ago, I brought two bottles of Washington State wine from Seattle. I wrapped them securely in dirty laundry and placed them in the middle of my large suitcase. Some jerk decided to break into my luggage by slashing it with a knife, but lucky for me found only dirty clothing. Even with the giant rip in my case, the bottles made it home safely.