Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tsunami Martini

A friend and I went to Minato tonight to vent about issues each of us has been having lately. It was his first time (I have this habit of introducing people to Minato). He was happy to see the $3 martini special all night on Wednesdays. I don't usually do martinis. I dunno. I just like driving while sober, what can I say? But I was intrigued by the bevy of martinis on the menu. Knowing I'd be sober by the time we finished our meal, I went ahead and ordered the Tsunami Martini, one of their sake martinis. I don't know the proportions, but it contains vodka, sake and plum wine. We eac tried it, and found it intriguing. The next time I have a free Wednesday night I may have to go back for this.