Friday, April 10, 2009

Padma and the Western Bacon Messburger (Post #996)

There are all sorts of reasons to not buy this burger (or anything, really) from Hardee's, now a subsidiary of West Coast-based Carl's Jr. The mess in your arteries is one of them. The mess outside is yet another. Of course, sex sells. Here's Top Chef hostess Padma Lakshmi gettin' down and, er, bacon-y. If you're into that sort of thing.

So the fry cooks at Hardee's don't have to pack their knives and go?

Note; I'm slowly inching towards post #1,000. I'll start to keep track over the next few posts, as I make them.

UPDATE: This is so COOL - if you want to watch the video upside-down, click on the video to watch it on YouTube's site, and then add the following to the URL:


Now, not only will you see Padma eating her hamburger upside-down, you'll see all the text upside-down, too! But it's each individual letter, not the whole word or sentence. It's trippy. Look! Hint taken from SMP Films, home of "The Mean Kitty."