Sunday, April 12, 2009

Because it's Easter Sunday (Western Calendar) (Post #997)

Oh just watch the damn thing.

I tried to give it a pretty pastel border. Cuz it's Easter. Didn't work.

Oh, here are the eggs in my sister's house. Deviled:

And encapsulated in a potato salad:

Reminds me faintly of the jamón y huevos ($4.99) I had at Tapas Teatro last night - three half hard boiled eggs covered in crispy Serrano ham, caper oil and "cracked pepper corns" (that's upwardly mobile for "freshly ground pepper" - which is upwardly mobile for "pepper").

Oh, and just one more thing to afflict y'all with this Easter. Just by accident, I stumbled upon this on YouTube while looking for an awful Finnish music video. One thing led to another and before I knew it, my sister and I were too familiar with the varied works of limo driver-turned-"rock" "musician" Jan Terri (and to the sometimes witty, sometimes stupid, usually badly misspelled comments posted by YouTubers). She was recently on The Daily Show from what I hear. Anyway, forthwith, the worst music video ever, which will henceforth always remind me of Easter:

Oh, and check out Jan's brief foray into country! Awful. Funny and awful.


Nanc Twop said...

Hey, nice eggs!


Happy Easter!

Sushi said...

This stuff looks delicious! I miss easter already. I'll probably have to wait another year for that ammount of food on the table :D.