Sunday, March 22, 2009

My First Soju

Deceptively smooth, like a vodka, and deceptively strong, also like a vodka. Eric & Alan and our friend Patrick all did the foursome at Jong Kak last night for a belated birthday present. I finally ordered the $12 bottle of soju. Since the guys hate sake - and pretty much any rice-based alcohol - they were a little, um, unenthusiastic about sharing it. But they did try some.

If you don't like sake (I love sake, so I'm not one to ask), don't pass on the soju. It's good. But watch out, because this isn't a buzz that just hits you full force. Three and a half shots of soju will hit you very gradually until you don't know where it came from. Just don't drive anywhere for a while!


Cathy said...

That sounds just the way James described his Soju experiences.