Friday, February 20, 2009

Brunch at Rocket to Venus?

Eric's partner was out of town last weekend, so I suggested brunch on Sunday morning. Gertrude's had no openings until 2:30, so we went to Rocket to Venus, which had ready seating. Usually when I join Eric and Alan, I have a better experience than Eric does. Not so this time. Eric was pretty much happy with his food (less his service), while I had a more, erm, mixed bag.

A brief rundown:

  • The plate of four fried oysters ($8) were wonderful. I've made better, sure, but these were still very tasty. Mmmm. Nothin' like locally grown oysters. Even better that Eric shared the two additional oysters that came with his order with me, so we each had three oysters.
  • My "green eggs and ham" (I think $7) was the main course. This was egg with pesto and ham and capicola. Tasty, but a little weak in that it was slightly soupy. It was okay, but I'd probably avoid it next time and just go for the sliders.
  • Eric was much, much happier with his (more appetizing looking) Hangtown Fry ($11), a mixture of bacon, eggs, cheddar, asiago, hash browns and tomatoes. Oh yes, and it came with two complementary urshters.
  • The Boursin cheese grits ($4) they served me were hard and clumpy, and I hardly touched them. Plus they had a very blah flavor, making for an unforgettably annoying side dish. It should be a crime to do that to grits. Don't eat this.
Eric's only problem was the wait for our check, which was kind of long in coming, but came just in time to not affect the waitress' tip. As for me: it was good in some spots. But this is the first unsatisfying meal I've had at Rocket to Venus. I know what to avoid next time.


Nanc Twop said...

Love the name.

By any chance do they sell
Rocket to Venus T-shirts?


John said...

Probably not - the place is too tragically hip for that (our Cafe Hon, on the other hand, has a gift shop of Baltimore-kitschy crap like fake beehives, pink feather boas and leather-print spandex.

Tiff said...

I've always wanted to try R2V. The food sounds good, but the scene not so much.

Dan said...

We went for dinner a couple months ago and had a terrific meal. The coq au vin was stupendous. Biggest problem was the service... we had a party of six including one toddler and another youngster. The waiter brought all the food out at one time instead of bringing appetizers out first, so we had this huge, crowded table of food!

Setai Miami said...

Hangtown Fry sounds delicious. Gotta try it the next time I'm at R2V. Also my experience with waiting is quite opposite - I remember eating there and wondering how do they manage to bring everything so fast.

Kristin said...

I haven't ventured in yet...every time I hit Hamden, I'm drawn to the sweet potato fries at the Golden West Cafe...maybe next time.

Nanc Twop said...

Dear John, Forgot to tell you about $10 dinner night, just in case you missed it
via Dining Dish:
unfortunately its tonight but it sounds good...

John said...

NT: Yeah, can't really get out to the three course meal at Corks. I wouldn't have been able to go anyway :( Hopefully they'll do this again!

Kris: Yeha, I used to think that about Golden West, but I just got tired of the wait and the "Oh, we're too cool to serve you in under an hour" attitude.

John said...

SM: It did look good, but I think I'll get the sliders next time I'm at R2V. The fired pickle, BTW, would be better if they batter-fried pickle chips instead of the whole spear, which is just a hot gooey mess inside with a coating that all too easily slips off.

Nanc Twop said...

We'd miss you too much if you went out tonight, anyway.

But speaking of value dining... they're giving away subs at Quiznos for a limited time.

Only one course, however

K8teebug said...

They do sell t-shirts there :)