Friday, December 26, 2008

Top Chef: The Game (!?!?)

Rarely is a PC or console game directly relatable to food and snacks. Yet while cycling through the archives of Gamespot's downloadable demos, I came upon one of the more disturbing moments in Bravo TV's shameless self-promotion history.

Top Chef is now available as a PC game.

Yes, you read that correctly. Don't believe me? Lookie here:

At least it's rated "E" for everyone.

This is too ridiculous. I have to download this demo and see for myself what it's like. I just can't wait to see X-Play's take on this game. Apparently, they thought Iron Chef America for the Wii (okay, the trailer for it) was average. But I can't imagine how Top Chef will translate to the PC.

If you want to try this strangeness, too, go to the game's website (!).


Nanc Twop said...

I got TC:TG from Santa!
(t'was a total surprise)

I'll have to let you know later if the game is a 'piece of coal' or not... ;-)

*hmm, my word verification
this time is 'blemia'...

John said...

In fact, I have played the demo. I wasn't impressed. I'll be posting on it later this week - with funny screen caps of my own!