Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy 3rd Day of Christmas - and Kujichagulia

Habari gani? Well, the Reginald F. Lewis Museum - which usually costs $8 to get in - is only a dollar today on this second day of Kwanzaa. At least, that's what the nice people on Channel 11 said this morning. You can also hear African drumming in the lobby. And make sure you stop in their cafeteria, which makes some of the best museum food I have ever had.

You can bet your kinara they won't be serving this crap:

Again, ewww.


Pigtown-Design said...

that's insane.

Cathy said...

When in doubt, add more pie filling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree, EW!

John said...

If you think THAT'S crazy, just watch the "Holiday Noel" video that comes in one of the pop-ups at the end of the video. Okay, it's not nearly as crazy as the "Angel Food 'Harvest' Cake" but in terms of sheer laziness, it takes the cake (pun intended). Just buy store=bought cakes - not even a box mix, just the actual baked cake - of various sizes, sans icing, and buy store-bought icing to ice them. At least she doesn't dump a can of apple pie filling in the middle 8-P