Monday, December 08, 2008

Loose ends, December 8

From the "Duuuuuh" Files

  • Guess who made a delicious meal of mini penne pasta with two parts homemade tomato sauce to one part homemade vindaloo sauce, plus a small chunk of frozen spinach and a generous sprinkling of feta cheese to bring with me for lunch today? Yup. Guess who also left it sitting on his kitchen table all day and didn't realize it until he was halfway between Towson and Essex? Yup, right again.
From the "It's a Sunshiney Day!!!:)!!!" Files
  • Damn those folks at the Lansdowne Chick-Fil-A are perky. But I guess they're paid to be that way, and I'm not criticizing or anything. Plus, at least they have a job, unlike a lot of people.
From the "Speaking of which..." or "Really Hard-Up for a Job, Are You?" Files
  • Oscar Meyer is seeking drivers for their Weiner Mobile (courtesy Boston Globe and G4TV's The Feed segment. Oh, and Kevin Pereira needs to grow his hair out again.)
From the "Ay, ¡no sabía que la crema agria en espagueti es muy sabrosa!" Files
  • My sister and a friend of hers took the time a few days ago to show me just how tasty spaghetti is with... sour cream!?!? It sounds odd, disgusting and vaguely Midwestern, but apparently Cathy's friend, who is from El Salvador, says that lots of people back home eat it like this: top spaghetti that's already covered with meat sauce or any standard spaghetti sauce, with a dollop of sour cream, mix it all together, and there you go. I was suspicious, but I'll try anything once. Ahem, I'll try anything to eat once. It was tangy and - counterintutive though it may seem - it tasted surprisingly good.