Wednesday, December 03, 2008

From the "Words actually fail me now" files

Lansdowne, MD, is finally in the big leagues.

It is now host to the most recent all-night camp-out of the Cult of Chick-Fil-A, whose latest temples of worship open there and in Laurel tomorrow morning. As always, the first 100 "Chick-Fil-Aniacs" get enough coupons to feed them free Chick-Fil-A once a week for a year.

I was not among those camping out. But I did go by and take some photos. I only remembered this because my mother was shopping nearby (yes, the Wal-Mart) and she called my sister, who lives just up the street from the new CFA, and whom I was visiting. None of us had ever seen such a thing in our lives. I would say we never will again, but that would be a lie.

There was even a guy in a cow suit. I don't think I snapped that person.

But remember: when the news reports that a new CFA just opened in Halethorpe, remember: it ain't Halethrope. It's Lansdowne! We Lansdowne natives (past and present) are very touchy about that.


I am so wise said...

Halethorpe residents are also touchy about being confused with the residents of Lansdowne.

Particularly those of us who escaped from Lansdowne or the Lansdowne Ghetto aka Riverview.

John said...

And of all the places to escape to, you went to Halethorpe!?!? Nah, I shouldn't complain. I'm still not sure Halethorpe even exists. :)

(This is all good-natured ribbing here.)

elliott said...

I was just at the Wal-Mart there about 45 minutes ago. I saw the huge crowd and tents, but I didn't stop to ask what was going on. Thanks for enlightening me.

Anonymous said...

I heard about that on the radio! Thats so fun you went to check out the insanity.