Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Golden Krust

I stopped by H-Mart today for some provisions. (Okay, kimchi flavored noodles. Sue me.) On the way out I decided to grab a little lunch at the new Caribbean place floating amidst a sea of tasty Korean food options. Golden Krust is that new place, having opened not too long ago. Reaching from Massachusetts to Florida, there are over 130 Golden Krusts up and down the East Coast (most of them are in the NYC area). There are but two in Maryland, one in Hyattsville and the other next to the H-Mart.

I was enticed by their promise of curry chicken for just $4.95. I stumbled into the clean, crisp Caribbean joint and asked about the lunch specials. There were lots of this listed, none for just $4.95. There is plenty of variety on the menu, from baked goods (Golden Krust is also a bakery) to chicken, goat, beef, fish and a variety of rice and veggie dishes. They also had sorrel drink, a fruity, tangy and slightly spiced drink that I've never had before, but also not cheap at $2.50. True, there were many small items for just a dollar or two, most entrées were in the $8 to $12 range. And the woman behind the counter did explain that the $4.95 curry chicken special only fit into one of those donut-sized styrofoam containers (the combo came with side vegetables). Since I wasn't keen on spending $8 for lunch, I went for the special anyway, plus a sorrel drink for a total of about $7.75.

I got it home and was astounded to find out just how "little" portion was.

Instead of a piddly little meal, I still got more than enough to eat in one sitting. You can see that once you dump it all onto a plate, as such:

So yes, that $4.95 worth of curry chicken, cabbage and rice did fill me up quite a bit. And I still have the rice and cabbage in the fridge to use as a side dish with something else. The chicken wasn't dry, and even though I didn't really taste a strong curry flavor it still tasted good. It was savory, a little sweet thanks to the cabbage and plantain, and satisfying overall.

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