Sunday, November 09, 2008

Comment tracking - is there something like that on Blogger?

This isn't really a complaint about an Anonymous post I just received the other day, though taken out of context I was a little confused about what it meant. Here's the comment in question, which I did indeed publish:

So you charged your SISTER $2.50??? For a cold, half-eaten, left-out all night two item on a paper plate meal nonetheless?

Or did you mean you paid $5.00 for half a plate of mediocre food? I'm guessing it is the latter.
Based on the context, it could mean anything. A gentle humorous critique? A scathing troll? A serious cry out against injustice? I have no idea. So I published it, not knowing exactly what the original context was.

I'm bitching here about For those of us who run blogs that require comment moderation, random comments appear that sometimes have no obvious attachment to a particular post. Usually it's pretty easy to figure out what the comment is in reference to, but occasionally someone will comment on something I wrote the May before last about competitive eating in Pennsylvania or that blog post about Jolene Sugarbaker's Trailer Park Peanut Butter Fudge from this summer, and I'll never know which of the close to 900 posts (yep, that many) he or she meant.

I wish Blogger would give us some way to trace the comment back to the post to which it belongs, both before and after we publish it!


Pigtown-Design said...

Mine does that. I get the comments e-mailed to me and they show what post they're on.

John said...

Thanks for the advice, which just led me to change my settings to email any comments to my email account.