Friday, October 17, 2008

She just can't bear the thought of losing you!

One of the funniest drag queens in America is back in town, and she's a-huntin' bears. Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Varla Jean Merman!

She's also appearing tonight at the Hippo.


theminx said...

Wow - that was actually kind of touching! I'm going to borrow the video for my blog (but not your post...ha ha)

Are you going to see Varla Jean perform tonight?

John said...

I saw her last night, and she was more fabulous than ever! I brought my copy of Girls Will Be Girls in the hopes that she'd sign it. She is indeed a very gracious and even grateful celebrity, as my sister and Varla had a sweet and touching conversation together. Sadly I was drunk the last time she was in town so I remembered nothing of her visit. Since I had to work on Saturday morning I drank one beer last night and was completely sober by the time Varla came out to greet her fans. A very gracious drag queen if ever there was one!