Friday, October 17, 2008

Again with the delay in posts...

Sorry about the delay in posts. Not only have I been very busy with work and grad school, I still have yet to establish an internet connection at home, leaving me dependent upon the wireless of others. I have finally dispensed with Verizon after waiting for two fucking weeks for their repair technicians to come out and make my dryloop/standalone DSL work. I know what I'm doing, but there's only so much you can do when Verizon's "automated technician" finally accesses your fully plugged-in and turned-on modem whose DSL light is blinking and whose internet light is completely off, and cancels your technician call because to them, it's apparently "working" (I wish nothing but the worst of worldly horrors upon the man or woman who thought up the idea of that computer voice that you have to talk to because a real person cannot be bothered to do so - the same computer voice that misunderstands about 62% of what you say because you're either not speaking clearly enough because you're frothing at the mouth or are sarcastically overenunciating because you're pissed off).

So I'm back with Cavalier, my original provider. I have to pay a $35 connect fee, even though I chose to disconnect my service (long story - cell phone is all I use so why pay $30 a month for a phone I've touched about once a month?). At least they understand that, since I cancelled my service and they did not, that I don't owe an extra $70 deposit to them because I'm bad pay.

I should be posting more semi-regularly in about a week or two, by my best estimation.