Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rawhide Bar!

Did you know that Petco has a rawhide bar? Yes it does! I found this out as I stopped into the one by my parents' house to get some doggie treats and catnip yesterday. It's $3 per pound. They also have a doggie treat bar for $4 per pound. Maybe Petsmart also has it, but I don't know. No such "catnip bar", though they do sell kitty litter by the scoop if you want it (didn't catch the price).

Some of those doggie treats looked edible for people, like their sandwich cookies. I can't say the same for the tuna bonito flakes or dried chunks of whiting. Maybe we can eat them, but they'd be horribly chewy and salty. I'm picturing the face I would make eating such a thing that my cat gobbles up automatically.

Some of the smaller animals are adorable. Take the ferrets. One looked like he, er she, um it, was trying to paw at my face as I glowered into the case at other ferrets biting and nibbling on each other. And while I have always thought birds to be among the stupidest of vertebrates (what a way to generalize about a whole class of animal), the conures that they had in their big enclosure seemed awfully interested in me, both as I passed and as I stopped to look in. I have never seen a bird pay such attention to me (the smalelr, cheaper birds sure as hell took no notice of me). I guess these conures will just have to wonder some more, since I'm not spending $600 to $900 for one of them to come home with me.

They also had some lovely looking guinea pigs. Animal lovers will be horrified by this, but I just could not help myself in thinking about that recent Peruvian guinea pig festival, where the guinea pigs were dressed in silly costumes, entered into races, and cooked in a variety of ways - fried, baked or grilled. I readily admit: I'd try fried guinea pig if I had the chance. Perhaps Petco shouldn't sell me one.


theminx said...

I had a pet parakeet a couple of years back, and he always struck me as being extraordinarily bright for something that weighed less than one ounce. He was an attention hog, and if I didn't pay attention to him when he was out of his cage (say, I was too busy checking out something on the Internet) he would fly back and forth in front of my face until I did.

He had a pretty large vocabulary, and his favorite things to say were "crazy bird" and a very emphatic "poop!"

Cuervo was certainly smarter than our three cats.

Pigtown-Design said...

i thought this was going to be some kind of gay joke!