Friday, October 10, 2008

Knish Shop of Pikesville

I found myself trapped in traffic on Reiserstown Road today (rrrrrrrrrrrrgh). I took the time to recover by pulling into the Knish Shop on a busy Friday afternoon, with swarms of shoppers packed in to do shopping for the weekend before it hit sundown (I imagine that Shlomo's Kosher Meat & Fish Market next door was just as busy). Yes, this goy guy felt a little underdressed in T-shirt, shorts and sandals but it was worth it for the tasty knishes I picked up. I figured they would be more expensive, but apparently it's only about $2.50 per knish. I got a delicious spinach knish and, to balance it out, a sweeter one filled with sweet potato. But I did put back the $5 loaf of challah.

Next stop: Sion's Bakery (see Beltway Snackin' Exit 20), where I got a quarter pound of chocolate tops and black & whites for two bits shy of $2 ($8 per lb). Total spent for lunch today: all of $7. And I still have two half knishes left to finish!


Heather said...

Oh, wow, Knish Shop. My Nana lived really close to that place, over in the Warren Park apartments off Slade Ave., and we used to go there sometimes. I love knishes so much. I should make some soon.