Saturday, September 20, 2008

RUB for Dining Out for Life

I did manage to get out for Dining Out for Life on Thursday. I went with friends Alan & Eric to RUB. I have to admit that the atmosphere on Thursday nights makes Thursday not the most ideal night to hold this function. The men and women of the Federal Hill kickball league swamp the place (I bet they hold games on Thursday nights). Most people were just there to revel and drink, but wouldn't ya' know. There's always a few guys (in the gender neutral sense) there to annoy you. It got loud but it was Happy Hour, so I dealt with it. The only truly annoying person was this guy that hooted, "WHOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!" at every single thing that happened in the football game he was watching behind the bar. They make a play?


The ref stops to talk to a player?


The camera stops to focus on a player drinking water?


The equally unexciting but far less irritating "Soccer Cam" on the two smaller flat screens just recycled footage of amateurs dribbling the ball (the kind of clips that get uploaded to YouTube) in between clips of some "personal interest" story about the Chelsea FC (the TV was right in front of me, but I wasn't really paying attention).

At least we got seated quickly! Getting served was sloooooow but just like Eric mentioned, once your order is in the food comes out pretty fast. And so it did that night: my ribs and chicken with sweet potato fries and Texas corn pudding (the two-meat platter, $13) got to me in about 10 minutes. And as always, the food was satisfying. Adding a Blue Moon for $4 my total came to $17 ($21 after the tip). And half of that goes to Movable Feast. That's something that makes me go



Anonymous said...

Jon! Next time you go you gotta try the green beans!!! amazing!