Saturday, August 09, 2008

Last Call at the Zodiac

What would you serve as your final meal? Well last night I found out what the Zodiac's answer was when I made it out there for one last time, before it closes tonight. That's right - tonight. If you want to experience the fun, eclectic, wizardly ambiance (and the risk of being shoved down the stairs by a ghost) one last time, go tonight, August 9, 2008. If you read this after that then, obviously, you've missed your chance.

The atmosphere didn't seem too melancholy, a little surprising but maybe it's just being hidden well. The dinner I had was pretty much outstanding, a nice note to remember my last meal there.

Appetizer: Pork Chop with Rice Pilaf ($8)

After the obligatory Guinness ($4), I decided to start with something I hadn't had before. I usually avoid the appetizer, or just order it and nothing else. With my last chance to try it I splurged, and went for the pork chop, medium rare, with rice. The rice was moist but not wet, and of course hot. The pork chop had such a nice, slightly salty flavor that I could've been satisfied with eating a few of these all night.

Entrée: Cheeseburger with Fries ($11)

For my entrée I went with a favorite, the hamburger, with smoked mozzarella cheese ($2 extra), and shoestring fries that sure tasted fresh cut. The burger, rare as I ordered it, was juicy and the cheese added a nice flavor to it. Even better, the lettuce and tomato that came on top weren't soggy at all, and didn't detract from the burger as it does with many other burgers I eat. I'll miss this burger.

Dessert: Peach Cobbler ($7)

The one downside to my meal was my peach cobbler, whose crust was rock hard. I literally had to bang into it with my spoon just to crack it open, and of course it capsized. The crust underneath was soft at least. Plus, it had some tasty peach wedges and two dollops of vanilla ice cream (I could've also gotten the vegan rice cream). I ordered it with a chocolate martini ($8) - a combo of vanilla vodka, chocolate liqueur, white crème de cacao, and cream. It didn't taste too chocolatey, but my main concern was that I'd be too drunk to drive home, but I didn't even feel buzzed. So it was a weak martini, but I was fine with that. Part of that could be all that I ate, but I'm just fine with not getting sloshed.

And that's it. Total bill before tax and tip was $38. Afterwards was about $46. That's as much as I am going to pay for any meal in the near future. You can easily spend half - or twice - that much, but only through tonight. So don't lose the chance to go to Zodiac - tonight (Saturday, August 9, 2008) is it.

Other photos:

The car irritated me at first, but it's not a bad photo.

What is this guy going to do with all his time now?

Above the bar floats a nekkid man...

But only today.


The Baltimore Babe said...

Thanks so much for posting this! Zodiac is a Baltimore Landmark.

theminx said...

I only went to Zodiac once, after they first opened, but I used to find myself at the Club Charles fairly often back in the early 90s. Never met either ghost, I'm happy to say.

The meal I had at Zodiac, if I remember correctly, was pretty uneven. And the plates were way too small for the food, which puzzled me. Enough to keep me from going back, I suppose.

Sorry to see it close though. I like Joy. She's a cool chick.