Monday, July 28, 2008

Roasted Red and Purple Peppers

On occasion, I get a little too ADD-sidetracked (and I don't use that term lightly) to bother using the things that I have bought and stuffed in the fridge. I think it runs in my family. And about 45 minutes before I left for dinner on Saturday night I looked in my fridge to check on the delicious red and purple bell peppers I had bought at the Waverly Market the previous Saturday.

Well both of the red peppers and one of the two purple ones were just fine, as well as a red and a green tomato sitting in there. But after seeing that last one of the purple peppers turning to primordial soup in the bowl, I figured now was the time to deal with them.

So I went ahead and roasted the peppers right then and there (dem maters is sittin' in a ziploc bag waitin' for me ta get tew 'em, hons). It's not so difficult: just quarter or third (third?) each pepper and set it on the burner, turning over until sufficiently roasted. I left mine on for about a minute or two, turning them over several times to cook on each side about three or four different times. Put them in cold water for a short bit and then put them on a plate. That's about it. I also process jalapeños this way, though due to that recent salmonella scare, use domestically, locally or garden grown jalapeños for now. The delicious Mexican ones should be fine soon, I hope.