Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pegg, Hynes on Soup

Simon Pegg is awesome. So is Jessica Hynes (née Stevenson). Shaun of the Dead is now and will always remain among my most favorite movies of all time. And like most celebrities in the UK, both Pegg and Hynes have guest starred on Doctor Who at some point.

And yes, they starred together in the BBC cult classic Spaced.

Joel McHale is pretty okay. Eh, okay, he's awesome, too. Or at least The Soup is.

What do they all have in common? Well, I just caught The Soup on Friday night. Simon and Jessica appeared to shill the release of Spaced Series 1 in the US (first time on Region 1 DVD). I can't find any videos of it, so here are some photos of them goofing around with Joel McHale:

Mystery celebrity guests Simon Pegg and Jessica Hynes, everybody!

Joel admitted he hadn't seen the DVD - he has interns to do that sort of thing. Jessica and Simon are chewing him out for it.

And then Joel stops them just as they're about to get the pots and pans. It is a cooking show, right? Hell, they don't know what The Soup is about anyway - they have interns to find out that sort of thing.

Just as Simon introduced Reality Show Clip Time!!!

I forget why MSNBC's Keith Olbermann was on, but I've learned to stop expecting normalcy on The Soup. Apparently Keith just lost the search for the next lead in Legally Blonde: The Musical. Simon is the next Elle Woods!

And of course, Jessica has to come out and help Simon gloat.

Yep, The Soup is awesome.


Anonymous said...


Unfortunately, I missed this episode. :(

John said...

Leslie: Don't worry - E! is going to air it again, oh, five or six more times between now and Tuesday so you can definitely catch it at some point.