Saturday, July 26, 2008

Creme Brulée Update

That title is not something you read every day, is it?

Just an update on my creme brulée nightmare: I went to Home Depot and coughed up $13 plus tax for a propane torch kit. Never used one before and I was a little freaked out about using it in the apartment but I just lit it on the porch - with a butane pilot lighter - and went to town on a Trader Joe's Raspberry Creme Brulée.

BTW: Kitt from Denver, you were right: the propane torch kit worked wonders. And I even found a more or less safe place to store it outside. Minx: you were right about the ramekins from TJ's - for just $5 not only do you get two 4 oz brown glazed ceramic ramekins but you also get the creme brulée that comes in them. It might work out to a little more, a little less than buying empty white ramekins at Linens & Things or Bed, Bath & Beyond, but it's worth it. Plus it makes you feel resourceful.


Kitt said...

Yay! Way better than those "toy" torches, isn't it?