Friday, June 06, 2008

Washingtonian's 100 Best Cheap Eats

Have you noticed that Baltimore Magazine usually doesn't publish a "best cheap eats" issue? I have. Not bashing or anything, but BM sometimes forgets that not all of its readership pulls in 100K a year. Which is why its recent foray into Annapolis' best restaurants showed us everything form moderate to very expensive. Which for me is expensive to super-duper expensive. Granted, it is Annapolis, but there are enough places to blow far less than $40 on a good meal, even near Ego Alley (qv, Chick and Ruth's, which I will write about soon).

Enter the Washingtonian, which puts out at least two foodie issues per year: its 100 Best Restaurants of the Washington, DC, area (including the Maryland and Virginia suburbs), and its 100 best cheap eats of the Washington, DC, area (most in the Maryland and Virginia suburbs). Yeah, they define "cheap eats" as "$25 or less" - that's what I call "moderate eats" (for me, $10 after tax and tip is "cheap"). But at least they're trying. Anyway, the latter issue is on newsstands right now. Go get it!