Thursday, June 12, 2008

From the "People can still afford to go to the movies?" Department

The latest tidbit to warn us about what we're eating at the movie theatre comes to us from Men's Health (via Yahoo!). It warns about six nasty things that will put on the pounds and take years off your life at the movies. These are no-brainers, of course. A large popcorn - what's that going for these days, seven, eight dollars? - will add almost 1,300 calories to your waistline - less if you share, even less if you don't drench it in "butter". That's why I don't eat popcorn at the movies anymore. Well, that and the cost of the popcorn. Well, that, that and the cost of the movie. Okay - that, that, and the other thing, plus the cost of gas.

Best to just go to Tapas Teatro and then see whatever's playing at The Charles (if anything good is playing, that is). Just to note: the Charles and the Senator (okay, Senator and Rotunda) have the cheapest small popcorns of any movie theatre in the area, $3 at the Charles and only half a dollar more at the Senator and Rotunda.