Thursday, May 29, 2008

Stuff I missed in California

While I was away in the land of missions, sunshine, movie stars and (possibly) same-sex marriage, I missed a few things on the local blogs. To wit:

  • Boxes and boxes of fresh veggies from One Straw Farm and the Community Supported Agriculture project! Danielle has just signed up for a half-share. If you get a whole one, it's $525 up front by June 1st (or $23 per week, prorated) for a box a week of eight different pieces of ultra-fresh, locally grown produce, every week from early June through late November. It could be anything! That's a bit much produce for me (cooking for one here), but maybe not for y'all. Check it out.
  • Dan at THG gets a shoutout from the Slashfood website, pointing out Baltimore Sun columnist John Linder's recent gas station snacking article. Me, I'm still stuck on the Beltway.
  • Don't miss Rachel's 4-year blogiversary, coinciding with her septacentennial post, by taking part in her latest contest: either replicate one of her recipes or do your own using "coconut" and "lime" as ingredients, and if you are chosen you win a box of foodie goodies!
Isn't it odd that "foodie" and "goodie" don't rhyme? Silly language, this English is, no?


jmc said...

I signed up with One Straw Farm back in April, and I am so looking forward to the fresh produce. Plus, the Farmers Market has resumed, which also makes me happy.