Monday, May 26, 2008

Notes from the Inlandbelly

Friends of mine have been cooking for me and taking me to lovely holes-in-the-wall for some good food over the last day or two. One restaurant I went to with some friends was in Riverside - the Jumbo Bowl. If you're in the Inland Empire and you're reading this, you have to go there. It's a Thai place that has this great fried fish covered in a coconut curry sauce that I just went mad for.

Also good were some dishes that friends of mine made for me. One friend I stayed with in San Bernardino made Dutch pancakes for breakfast. These didn't seem like the same ones I ate in Amsterdam but perhaps they were a variation on the theme. It's a very eggy pancake. It tasted nothing like the humongous pancakes I had in the Netherlands but was still very rich. The corned beef hash and bacon also went nicely with it.

Then I stopped by another friend in Redlands for more food! I had no idea he would be making food. We looked at his recent photos from his vacation in Mexico and then he made some huevos motuleños, an egg dish from the very Mayan northern Yucatecan city of Motul. It is eggs with cheese, beans, ham - lunchmeat is actually normal to use - and peas. Canned peas, in fact, are preferred, but frozen or even fresh ones will probably work just fine. (That's the rare time you'll ever see that phrase.)