Thursday, May 22, 2008

Manchu Wok of BWI

Yep, those days of cheap airline food are over. Yes, they were over years ago, but now you even have to pay for the snacks - $5 for a box of assorted snacks on my United flight from Baltimore to Los Angeles. No I didn't buy it. Everything they have to nickel and dime you for.

So I made sure to stop and eat before I got on the plane. Chinese - albeit the fast food version - seemed like a good idea. I got the orange chicken at Manchu Wok for $5.93 after tax. It's not so much that it was bad – at most, it was average – but $5.93 for a peensy amount of orange chicken with steamed rice that can fit into one of those old Big Mac containers from the 80's? With room to spare, no less? And oddly enough, the veggies and fruit that were in with Manchu Wok's orange chicken actually tasted a little on the raw side. I've never eaten any real part of the orange in orange chicken, except for the peel (NEVER the fruit inside it). And the one piece of green pepper and five postage-stamp-sized chunks of white onion also tasted a bit undercooked. Strangely, this was not so unpleasant. All the same, it's not worth $6.


The Daily Breather said...

I think Manchu Wok is the only place that I've never given a second chance on ass food. Chinese food is pretty run-of-the mill anyway but whenever a chain comes up in a food court or, now I see, in an airport I usually know ahead that it's a bad choice. And I usually don't learn any lesson so easily. I'm actually kinda proud of myself right now. I'm still pretty dumb about everything else though.

John said...

I agree only with hole-in-the-wall Chinese places, which are very common everywhere you go. In Baltimore, there aren't many good options for Chinese. Now go to NYC, LA or SF and most of the holes-in-the-wall serve wonderful Chinese food. But our Chinese restaurants, for some reason, are really not very good. You have to hunt around to find something decent.