Friday, May 30, 2008

Eating Out on the Cheap

I've been meaning to do a recession-related post. The Big R has kept me from eating out too much, especially with the school year winding down and me living off of what I've saved for the summer. So how can I still manage to eat out? Well first, avoid the really expensive places like the plague. As for the rest, here's a handy article I found on Yahoo! that gives some helpful tips on stretching your dollar when you eat out. Some ideas (ten in all):

  • Avoid the entrée and just get appetizers (not an appetizer, but appetizers);
  • Skip on the alcohol / coffee / dessert, or just have that at home;
  • Fill out a feedback card - if you leave contact info, they might send you coupons!
I hadn't thought of that last bit, but hey, it's worth a try the next time I head for the Helmand.


Alex said...

Sticking to water (over tea/soda) can save you $1-2 per meal.