Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bring me my breakfast! (Or Ghosts from My Childhood)

Rita Moreno could live to be 100. She just will never get old. (This is from The Electric Company in the early 1970's. It takes me back, old school!) Judy Graubart is Cinderella.

And of course, I show you this on the heals of this strange news. Y'all know it's going to suck. But if it still helps children to read, the suckiness will be at least tolerable. Oh, and can you believe there is a new Fraggle Rock live-action movie in the works? No, I can't either! Again, it will suck. But at least they're going to use actual muppets and not CGI or anything useless like that. I hope they stick with the puppets when they finally decide to turn Tony Award winner Avenue Q into a movie.


David Dust said...

Holy Crap! Talk about OLD SCHOOL - this really brings me back to my childhood. I haven't thought about The Electric Company in a million years.

Oh great - now I have the theme song in my head ... "The Electric Com-pa-neeee, The Electric Comp-pa-neeeee ... !!". Make it stop!

John said...

You're telling me. I had "HEY YOUUUUU GUUUUUYS IT SHAKES 'EM UP!" in my head all night last night.