Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Henry Hong and Crab Cakes on WYPR Thursday

Just saw this on WYPR's website:

Thursday, April 3


A recent cover story in the City Paper told us all about Maryland’s signature dish: the crab cake. We’ll talk with Henry Hong about the history of the crab cake, how they’re made, and the best spots in Baltimore to get your hands on this favorite seafood treat.

Normally I wouldn't keep abreast of what is on Mid-Day with Dan Rodricks. I was a Kojo Nnamdi fan long before they booted Mark Steiner form WYPR (partly because of Steiner's show, but that's another story). But in a switch over today from WAMU to WYPR I saw this mention of the City Paper crab cake story and was pleased to know that I had not missed it. They are interviewing Henry Hong, who wrote the piece. My friend Eric tells me he is the son of Suzie from Suzie's Soba. Is he? Regardless, I am free at that hour so I'll be listening. Hey, maybe I'll even call or email in!


Julie said...

I knew nothing about this (probably because I'm not listening to YPR these days because of the Marc Steiner thing)so I'll have to go look for the podcast.

I've only recently become acquainted with Henry Hong's writing and he's great.