Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Intro to Charm City Food Blogging 101

Here's a mostly-complete lineup for our blogger panel on Saturday, 2/23. Thanks to Dara at Dining Dish for organizing this!

Dining Dish's Dara (link above);
Mango & Ginger's Kit;
Dan, the Hungover Gourmet, who I think is bringing copies of the HG 'zine for those who would like some;
Meg - Fairfax - at Pigtown Pigout (and Pigtown Design);
Rachel, who runs both Coconut & Lime and Food Maven;
Erin, who along with sister Xani is half of Black Coffee and a Donut;
Roopa from Raspberry Eggplant;
Jake Slagle of Unique Culinary Adventures (for whom I am now adding a link in my sidebar);
Andrea Farnum, the "Kitchen Goddess" (for whom I am also now adding a link in my sidebar);
and of course me.

Plus, Elizabeth Large, Sun food critic and blogger of Dining@Large, will be represented in absentia (she has a bit invested in not being identified, obviously). My memory is Swiss cheese, as many of y'all on the panel saw so aptly demonstrated at our meeting, but if I remember correctly there should be eleven blogs represented by nine people. It should be fun! If I haven't said before I'll say it now. It was good meeting all of you and I'm looking forward to the panel.

When is it again, folks? That's right - Saturday, February 23 at 3PM in the Great Tastes Show at the Tremont Grand on Charles Street.


Kit Pollard said...

And, like you said, that's the Tremont GRAND, not the Tremont Hotel.

It's lucky somebody caught that. Otherwise, I'd be wandering around downtown pathetically lost...

Great to meet you too!

Dan said...

Indeed, I will be bringing back issues of THG to the event and will be giving them out to interested parties. Get 'em while they're hot!