Saturday, December 15, 2007

This spring vacation is already exhausting me...

Well my schedule seems to finally be confirmed for my March trip to Amsterdam. And my four hour layover at Boston Logan has just been turned into an eight-hour one.

And wouldn't you know it: after things are finally set in stone and it's too late to just throw my hands in the air and ask for a refund from Icelandair (which they offered to give me), I find a great deal on through Lufthansa for about $50 less than I originally paid. And it's a direct flight.

Okay, I think I get to say this:


On the bright side, things could be worse. Plus, I guess that means I can go into Boston for a few hours after all. I can try some of that good New England cuisine after all. So, lobstah roll anyone?


Anonymous said...

Lobster is my favorite thing ever. If you do ever come to ATL I will make you my lobster risotto. It is the best.

Take pictures of the rolls.

John said...

Leslie: Thanks! I will definitely do that if and when I am around the ATL. My plans won't be taking me there anytime soon :( But I've got family in Augusta and I should be visiting them at some point. Last time I did I flew into Hartsfield and drove (at 2AM - not a good idea) there. Next time I'll just spend a day or two in Atlanta!

And I'll get you the photos.