Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Fresh Market

I took a shortcut home via Exit 22 (nope, not reporting on it yet), and ran across this place called The Fresh Market. This chain covers just about every state below the Mason-Dixon Line (sans West Virginia), as well as Pennsylvania and the Great Lakes. It looks like what would happen if Whole Foods and Trader Joe's had a love child and then moved to a more upscale neighborhood. And the prices match. Just about everything is more expensive there. I found myself muttering, "Damn, Whole Foods is actually cheaper than this place!" But WF also looks more trailer trashy after setting foot in TFM.

So imagine my surprise when I find that the one thing that is cheaper than most other places would have it is their ready-to-eat sushi. I picked up a smoked salmon Philly roll covered in tiny red fish eggs for $5.50. Of course, when I looked at the ingredients to see what kind of fish laid those eggs, all my eyes noticed was "high fructose corn syrup" nestled in with the rest of the ingredients (bleeeah). So much for sushi being healthy.

It was probably still healthier than the little petit four I got of the little white chocolate snowman in seated position, for $1.50.


Anonymous said...

Gross! High fructose corn syrup? I am going to have to look closer next time.

John said...

Yeah, it was the weirdest thing to see in the ingredients for "sushi" of all things. Ick.