Monday, December 17, 2007

Ah, Sweet, Sweet Rest!

Well, everything is done work and schoolwise, FINALLY! Now I can start decorating, er, putting up the tree, well, perpare the much-smaller-than-Thanksgiving menu... oy, I've got some work ahead of me. Too bad we don't stretch Christmas out over twelve whole days like they do in the UK, so I could procrastinate for, oh, eleven more days.

Speaking of which, my favorite Christmas song ever, performed by little Lego people...

That's my favorite one, but it doesn't come close in weirdness to the varied assortment of videos made for this song from the bits and pieces of various Japanimation cartoons. It's like a whole sub-genre. Here's one where the person hobbled parts of different cartoons together and did something with them, I don't know. They made the characters' mouths all move as if they were saying the actual words in the song. Nifty!