Thursday, November 01, 2007

Calavera Dulce pa' el Día de los Muertos

I hope they have these Day of the Dead candy skulls at Holy Frijoles! Somehow I keep forgetting to find some around this time of the year. But who wants the Aztec God of the Underworld in their home?

If not then I will have to go to the nearest Latin American market.

Mmmm. Calavera de azúcar.


Summer said...

I got an email earlier that Ma Petite Shoe will have chocolate skulls for sale and they're open till 9 pm tonight thanks to First Friday. Mmm.... chocolate skulls. ;-)

Aztec Gods Student said...

Día de los Muertos is the moment where I got really stuffed with chocolates.....

btw.....I hate Valentine chocolates, these skull chocolates are more stylish