Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Blogger Happy Hour Photos - in Haiku

I know. It's taken a long time to post my photos from the Blogger Happy Hour this weekend. But I've been busy - that and internet access has been choppy at best. But now, photos. I didn't get a whole lot (Check out Charissa's and Danielle's blogs for more photos with other people in them!) Presented through the magic of haiku! (NB: I tried to only photograph people who don't mind their mugs on the internet. If I snapped you by mistake and you're up here in all your glory, just shoot me an email and I'll take it down. Also, if I get anybody's name wrong, feel free to politely correct me. Remember, I just met a lot of y'all on Friday night!)

Only one candle? Say, aren't you kinda young to be in this bar? Oh, and here's the funny part: Johnny (perhaps most of you) rightfully assumed I would be, well, larger than I am. Because of all the food. But nope, not a lot of fat on these bones, believe it or not.

Happy B-day, dude!
Johnny celebrated with
Some tasty chess pie

Thanks for the pie, ladies!

Angie and Danielle
Graciously guarding the pie
But still, I got some.

Brett, who if I remember correctly manages the Blogtimore blog roll, posing with co-hostess Charissa (UPDATE TWO: Brett, I took your advice about putting a silly face onto yours. Hope you like the face!)

Many folks drank coke.
Why, though, when you can have Dos
Equis and Guinness!?!?!?

Aaaaah, beer... Cindy of Wagner's House with, I believe, Wagner's Spouse (Admit it, that was a good rhyme. Sorry, I just could not pass it up. Correct me if I was wrong on the info, please...)

Most bloggers had beer,
Cocktails - Hey! A shame Five O'
Clock Was Somewhere else :(

(Extra kudos if you get the musical reference. Matt, as y'all know, is Rachel's other half. I think they were doing something for her upcoming appearance on TLC)

Leslie (visiting from Atlanta) and husband Ed (working at College Park) headed to Rocket to Venus after the festivities. Lovely place! The weird thing is, even though I've been there a few times, I would've gotten lost. I'm very good at that. On another tangent, an interstate blogger event would be fun, no? But expensive.

Atlanta Social,
Leslie, with husband Ed - their
First time in Bawlmer!

Here's our gracious hosts,
Dani and Charissa, with
Some ugly bastard.

Don't expect to see him too often :D


johnny dollar said...

heh heh ~ pimpin' the pie...

John said...

It was pimp-worthy, wasn't it? Better than their chocolate chess IMHO.

CindyD said...

Great to meet you! Brian and I aren't actually married... just "domestic partners" if you will. And a note about the beer, I don't recommend Kiuchi Ginger Beer... it was harsh.

John said...

Thanks for the clarification - though youmust admit, "Wagner's Domestic Partner" doesn't have that je ne seis quoi that "Wagner's Spouse" does :)

Thanks for the warning on Kiuchi :P I myself prefer Stewart's. Not too harsh, just sweet enough. A lovely ginger beer.

Charissa said...

Where is the pic of you, me and Danielle? What the ??

danielle said...

You are just too clever with these haikus. I especially love the pic of Brett and Charissa.

John said...

Charissa: Look again!

John said...


I know, are-n't I?
I dunno. It's just a thing
That I do at times.

danielle said...

Just now seeing the pic of you, me and Charissa, very cute! (Good strategic smiley face on that other pic, too.)