Friday, October 26, 2007

Hey, I've (sort of) made it into the Sunpaper!

I was investigating the Baltimore Sun's Dining@Large food blog and noticed their food blogroll. Hey, I'm on it! Most were familiar: Baltimore Restaurant Blog, Hungover Gourmet, Pigtown Pigout, Black Coffee & a Donut, Marginal Foodie, the usual. But there are a few I haven't seen or investigated yet.

Adventures in Baltimore Restaurants - A local educator, Jessica did two things I didn't: she participated in the big blogger night out at Dukem a few weeks back, and she got back to the nice folks at Baltimore Style magazine in time to get into their recent feature on Baltimore food bloggers. Again, I feel dumb.

Dining Dish - Dara recently did the Chinatown special from Bawlmer to New York. I have to try it, though I admit that I prefer the relative "luxury" of Amtrak. Also got back to the Style people in time where I did not.

Mango & Ginger - Yep, Kit made it into Baltimore Style, too! The third review of Rocket to Venus that I have seen, after Fairfax's and yours truly's. I went with Charles, Alan and Eric this past week. We all had a nice dinner, though a bitchy comment or two did come my way (equal parts sweet, nasty and constructive). Ah, the hazards of dining-while-gay!

Minx Eats - This blog looks relatively new. Minx recently reviewed the Bolo tapas restaurant in Manhattan (a definite possibility for my next trip, whenever that is). Will probably make it into Baltimore Style next year. Ooh, and check out this icky recipe for pork and beans cake she linked to!


Kathy said...

MinxEats has been around since August 2005, so I guess that makes it relatively new....