Thursday, October 11, 2007

Get Out!

Please forgive the exceedingly homo-tastic post, folks. Thursday, October 11 is National Coming Out Day. If y'all have been paying attention the last 13 months or so, you've probably figured this out anyway. But in the spirit of the day, here goes: I'm gay.

Alright now everybody, 1, 2, 3: Duuuuh.

I try to be as apolitical as possible on this blog. But this sort of thing is, in and of itself, a sort of political act. But for what it's worth, there you go.

Now that that's out of the way, on to more fun stuff for my straight and queer readers (thank you for sticking with me BTW)! I thought I'd look at a few of my fellow foodies from "the tribe" in the world of cooking and in general, in the spirit of the day:

A Few Favorite LGBT Foodies, in No Particular Order

Adam Roberts, the Amateur Gourmet. Have you caught Adam's book yet? Maybe most of us bloggers don't aspire to such heights. But good for you, Adam.

Ted Allen, he of the Queer Eye group and so much more. Hey, doesn't he have a book, too?

Carlos Fernández, a reject from Top Chef season 2. A little slapdash towards the end of his stay at TC. But the man is adorable, so there he goes. Oh, did you know he has a Spanish language blog over at Telemundo? No book though.

Tiffani Faison. Yeah, I thought our favorite bisexual contestant-we-love-to-hate was irritating. But I have to hand it to the Tiffster: she takes no prisoners. Remember when she made poor Dave "I'm not ya bitch, bitch" Allen Martin quiver like a bowl full of jellied eel? Yep, me too.

Nobody else from TC, gay, bi or straight is really worth mentioning otherwise. The first season is still by far the best. Though (out of the LGBT contestants at least) I hate to have seen Sandee from season three get kicked out so fast. Hated Hung. Arrogant and irritating.

Dan Smith and Steve MacDonagh, first winners of Food Network's Net Food Network Star. I have to admit, I was very surprised to see a gay couple actually win the competition. But they did it! Love the show. They do make a cute couple. Why can't Guy Fieri be less irritating like the Hearty Boys? I hope season 3 winner Amy Finley isn't an irritating type. Like Guy. Or particularly like Rachael Ray. But more Raybashing for another day.

Susan Feniger, the rainbow-ier half of Too Hot Tamales. I had no idea, mind you. 2HT is a show I wish I could see more of :(

And two more:

Bayard Rustin, who marched with Dr. King. It was tough enough being African American during the Civil Rights struggle, even tougher being African American and gay.

John Barrowman. Nope, not food related in any way. I just think he really rocks (here's a recent interview in Out Magazine). Check him out on Torchwood on BBC America Saturday nights at 9 (or On Demand if you have digital cable, unlike me). That's also if you missed him on Doctor Who recently.


TW said...

Awww, I guess I should come out as a food blogger here...I not only have my Tummy Troubles blog but also a food blog. I am sure then I would have become a favorite LGBT food blogger.

Last year I did a coming out day post, but not this year...didn't think about it until now.

Fairfax said...

you're gay? omg.

Fairfax said...

Captain Jack is gay, too??? Holy cow!

Cham said...

Oh, please, let's not turn this into a gay blog. Don't we have enough? The balloons were bad enough, I am drawing the line at the ribbons. Get back in the closet and go back to the food.

John said...

TW: Oh buy! ANOTHER thing we have in common! I got diagnosed in '89, but I had serious symptoms as early as the year before, and some inkling as far back as '81. I was in, oh, third grade I think, when I had my first exciting operation!!!

John said...

Fairfax: No, sure you had no idea ;)

Cham: I will turn this blog into whatever blog I durn well please. Of course, note how the gay post was pretty much all about food.

TallFreak said...

I figured you were gay. lol Me too - so it's okay. :)

John said...

Chris: You ARE? I had no idea. You should tell your boyfriend, he might want to know this :)