Saturday, October 20, 2007

Further proof that Sandra Lee has lost her mind

Sandra Lee is going all goofy! And I mean more so than usual. After all, it's her Halloween episode! The woman should not be allowed near a television studio during the month of October. Otherwise, Mike and the bots would have a field day. Apparently this isn't her only attempt at holiday cookin' - check out her Kwanzaa Cake - no, I am not in any way making this up (thanks to Adam "Amateur Gourmet" Roberts for the link - I cracked up). Yep, only a matter of time before we go and commercialize Kwanzaa.

I really can't stand the woman, and she seems second only to Rachael Ray in volumes of people who dislike her. Here's Leslie's take at the Southern Social, and a particularly cruel if not hilarous post from the food network addict (and just look at all the sites that pop up when you Google the phrase "I hate Sandra Lee"). But unlike many of her other detractors, I get a sick, Mystery Science Theater 3000 sort of sick pleasure from her show - especially when it's martini time!

Anyway, her strange Halloween episode. Here she's in Scarlett O'Hara drag. Poor Scarlett has suffered many an indignity, but making eyeball meatballs?

Poor Scarlett is bent over a hot electric skillet.

Here's a closeup. Do I hear a "Fiddle-dee-dee" coming on? Oh sweet Jesus, please no.

Here they are, the eyeball meatballs - just meatballs with a pimiento-stuffed green olive sticking out of the middle. It sounds worse than it probably is, but still, if someone tells me they are serving this, to bastardize a quote from the heroine of Tara, I'd rather go hungry again.

It's Liz Taylor as Cleopatra in the Sandra Lee Show! She's plating those confounded meatballs.

You will kneel - on your knees - as I make chocolate spiders!

Wouldn't chocolate scarabs have been more appropriate? Hey wait a minute: spiders have
eight eyes!

Oooooooooooh and
I said what about
Spiked Punch at Tiffany's
she said I think I
remember that in the film!
(kudos to whomever remembers that song)


roopa said...

I missed it! Of course it will be aired a million more times in the next few weeks.

I didn't think she could outdo last year's Halloween special, but she did! She's TOTALLY off her rocker!

danielle said...

Wow. Sandra Lee has gone even wackier!

I totally remember that song, it's by Deep Blue Something.

danielle said...

I forgot to ask - did she go overboard with a spooky "tablescape," too?

Anonymous said...

She is so f*****g weird. Why did the sensors even let that air?

John said...

Y'all: Agreed - she is bonkers, absolutely bonkers. I'm starting to feel bad though, because Sandra Lee is such an easy target. Still, she really does bring it on herself, doesn't she?

Danielle: Yes, she did a gothic "tablescape" with black dishes, black flowers and black everything.

John said...

Oh, and Danielle, you are right! The group is Deep Blue Something. You win Sandra Lee's beautiful tablescape!!!

visagedumonde said...

Seriously, I think Sandra and Britney are cut from the same cloth. I mean talk about snapping!