Thursday, October 04, 2007

BBQ Pizza Baaad, Huevos Rancheros Goooood

As I write this, I am sitting on the floor of my new bachelor pad watching a bizarre yet comforting favorite flick of mine, Girls Will Be Girls, a strange little film where all the female parts are played by drag queens. Go fig. I do not have access to the internet as of yet, because I haven’t contacted the phone company to get a phone line or DSL set up, but that will come soon. By the time you read this, I will have escaped to a place with wireless access.

Anyway, I had my first official meal in the new pad tonight! I had had high hopes for this meal, but I did nothing more than some impromptu planning for it. Busting out a book of four ingredient meals I got from the library, I went into the Giant on York Road near Towson U with some ideas for meals for the next few days (the big juicy fly buzzing around in the fish case at the Super Fresh by Towson U turned me off just a wee bit). I intended to spend just the $15 in cash I had on me (ha!) and set out to buy enough fixins to make some breakfasts and dinners that I could use as leftovers for lunch.

I decided on huevos rancheros for breakfast for the next few days, and I found an absurdly simple recipe requiring just eggs, cheese, black beans and salsa (the spicier the better). For dinner, I was leaning toward fish with onions, couscous and tomato juice in parchment paper. But the parchment alone was more than I wanted to spend and not go over budget (fifteen bucks, remember, which sadly turned into twenty-three). So instead I found this barbecue chicken pizza for $6 – reduced – and thought that would get me a few meals. I thought it would make for a very nice meal.

It made for a horrid, horrid meal. Since I hadn’t used my stove yet I preheated it, went off to do something else, and then heard the smoke alarm go off. I guess that’ll happen if the stove hasn’t seen use for a few months. Fifteen minutes and 425 degrees later, the pizza was done. It was pretty tough around the edges, but I think that was, in no small way, my own fault. It might’ve been at least edible had I not left it in too long.

At least I did have an adequate salad, simply of baby salad greens and mint leaves, with a splash of red wine vinegar. Frankly, it could’ve used some nuts or craisins or something. But as it was, it was simple and certainly more edible than that pizza. Topped off with a little cup of butterscotch pudding and my meal was done – complete and forgotten.

So it looks like, by the time you have read this, I will have bought lunch instead of being thrifty and bringing it.

PART II - MORNING IN THE NEW PAD - My huevos rancheros was
much more successful, if a bit yoo-gly.* and that's despite my having left the lid off the pot I was cooking it in! (All my pans were still packed; all I had was my one brown glass pot. I love that pot.)

*yoo-gly - just a little bit worse than ugly.


danielle said...

Congratulations on the new bachelor pad!

Are you going to the Fells Point Fun Festival this weekend? I don't think it was on your festivals list.

John said...

I didn't know about it. I will certainly try but I promise nothing. I'm close to festival'd-out!